Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Thoughts 2.0

It's been awhile since my first "Random Thoughts" post, so I figured it's about time for another installment.

So, here we go:

  • I just found out this week that we're having another girl. This will make three in a row and I'm not sure how I'll handle it when they're all teens at once. I'll probably just turn down the hearing aid and hope for some blissful ignorance.
  • I still think boys are easier to raise than girls. At least so far. I'll get back to you in about 20 years when I'm done with that stage of my life and let you know if I still think that.
  • I don't remember my father getting grey hair until my sister became a teenager. I don't remember me having any grey hair until my daughter became a teenager. Could just be coincidental.
  • We just started watching the revamped Doctor Who (2005-present) on Netflix. I remember watching the original series when I was about 8 years old or so (Tom Baker was the Doctor then). Verdict? It's a great way to learn British English. (plus it's a great show)
  • The Kansas City Royals are technically still in the hunt for a wildcard playoff spot. And it's the middle of September. The Chiefs started 2-0 after going 2-14 last year. This may very well be the last of the last days. 
  • Being able to attend church in a building right next to a temple is awesome. Being able to see my older children and the other youth attend the temple monthly is even awesomer (is that a word? It is now). 
  • After being a counselor in our ward's young men presidency for the last three years or so, I was recently called to be the YM president. What a humbling yet awesome calling. I really love working with these great young men (plus I'm still involved with Cub Scouts, so I get to work with some really great young young men as well.) Doesn't get much better than that.
  • When Tabitha and I first got married, we decided that we would take as many children as the Lord decided to send us. My personal deal with God was that I would take as many children as He would send us, as long as we could take care of them. In retrospect I should have defined what I meant by "take care of them" (I meant "take care" as in "vacations in Hawaii every year"). However the Lord in His infinite wisdom, combined with a divine sense of humor, decided it would be better to keep us in a little more humble circumstances. But looking back we've been very blessed-I've always had a job, a home, food, clothing, insurance, and a car. Guess I can't complain too much huh?
  • I went skiing once my freshman year at BYU. Word of advice, when you grow up in a state where the highest point is called "Charles Mound", going skiing for the first time with roommates who are Utah natives and had been skiing since they were babies is not a good idea.
  • Second word of advice-if you've never been skiing before, don't make them stop the chair lift for you. The little 5 year old sitting next to me glared at me like I had just killed his puppy on Christmas morning or something.
  • Business owners (especially car dealerships and furniture stores) should never, ever, ever, use family members in commercials. Pony up some cash and hire a professional actor/actress. Please.
  • We were reading Mosiah 2 this evening for family scripture study. Note to self, future blog topic from verse 9-what does it mean to trifle with the words of prophets and other church leaders?
  • The Appalachians in the fall...gorgeous.
  • BYU vs Utah Saturday 9/21. Liberty MO Stake conference Saturday 9/21. Was worried about a potential conflict between the game and stake conference. Game then announced at an 8:15pm CDT kickoff. Conflict resolved. I'm happy :)
  • Three words: Breakfast for dinner
  • We're considering the name "Jael" for a middle name for the baby girl on the way. (see Judges chapter 4 in the Old Testament.) Thoughts anyone?

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  1. This is Eva. I LOVE the name. I'd even consider making it her first name. It's a beautiful name, with something to live up to. I'm a firm believer in the names we give our children they should try to live up to, hence my boys have Isaac and Josiah in their names.